Top sidekick characters in video games

Video games are usually all about your adventure and your effect on the world you are trying to do some actions. Rarely do the individuals sitting on the sidelines get much credit. Though, the sidekicks in the various gaming franchises and their gaming storylines.

Given is the list of the best sidecicks who have appeared in different video games.

Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Not just the tiniest sidekick of all time, this fairy guided players on their quest through the greatest action RPG ever created. While her constant pleas for attention and to watch out or look at things did make you want to swat her from time to time, she never interfered with the action.

Jerome Doc Louis from Punch-Out Series

Starting off our countdown is the coach that trained Little Mac to become the greatest boxer the 8-bit generation has ever seen. Not just riding his bike beside you while you trained, he was ringside when you fought countless ethnic stereotypes and a circus clown.

Yoshi from Super Mario

Mario’s long-tongued, egg-laying companion also doubles as one of the most adorable and well-known characters in all of video games. His miraculous ability to swallow enemies whole before shooting them out his bum in a particularly large egg is one of the most bizarre but useful abilities of all the sidekicks.

Cortana from Halo Series

Not only is she a super sexy artificial intelligence and hologram, but she also attaches to the Master Chief’s helmet to provide him with useful information and commentary. While she started out as nothing more than a cheerleader, she eventually provided much needed exposition and humor to the franchise.

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