Top movies based on video games

The two most popular forms of entertainment for the modern generation are the video games and movies. There have been many instances in the past that the films inspired the video game developers to design a game on the basis of the film but there have been some instances where it was done in the other way round.

Given is the list of the best films which were made inspired by video games.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat banked its appeal on being bloody, visceral and just plain nasty. The movie, however, was a sanguine, made-for-children affair with a horrible techno title track and a long-haired Christopher Lambert. Riding on the success of the popular game, the film matched the story of the video game and took it further.

Max Payne

The film of Max Payne was the perfect mix of stylish shooter action and knowing satire and at the time of its release, its bullet-time gunplay made it a groundbreaking piece of entertainment. As a video game Max Payne was an amazing package. Remedy’s shooter took the best of Hong-Kong action flicks and hard-boiled action cliches and wrapped them in a story that recycled them all to hilarious effect.

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil was genuinely creepy in parts and some of the monsters are flat-out gruesome. We have to own up to possessing a small softspot for Paul W.S. Anderson’s schlock horror flick. The Resident Evil video game helped to create high standards with its graphics as wl as the the intruiging storyline and characters.

Lara Croft

The film on Lara Croft increased the reach of the already popular video game of women fighters and shooters. With a huge following, it was a success. The first of two films starring Angelina Jolie as the most famous female character was widely accepted by the audience and played a big part in the success of the franchisee.

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