Top mom characters in video games

Mothers play an important part in our life and the motherly characters which are part of video games are also very significant in the stroryline and helps to shape the characters of the game. The motherly characters are clarly visible in the figures.

Given is the list of the best mothers in gaming world.

Mama from Cooking Mama

With furious passion and almost limitless energy, Mama is more than happy to relate countless recipes in her kitchen. Yet, what makes her memorable is how she encourages you every time you succeed and when you make a mistake, even with bold red text saying failed, she reassures you and lets you know that Mama will help. She is very kind and nurturing, always pushing you to be even better than Mama.

The Night Mother from The Elder Scrolls

While not a mother by traditional definition, the Night Mother has protected those of us who joined the Dark Brotherhood in The Elder Scrolls. Through her, contracts are passed down to us and we carry out her will. It’s unclear whether the Night Mother are regional leaders of the brotherhood or one guiding figure but one thing holds true, she looks out for the murderers and assassins of Tamriel.

Mom from Binding of Issac

The main antagonist of the Binding of Isaac game does not make it on this list due to her kind heart and compassion. She is compelled to murder her son by order of her lord and savior. Yet, thanks to the Game Theorists, Mom might not be as terrible as we think she is. They suggest that the game might be entirely of Isaac’s imagination. No matter what she is though, villainous interpretation or loving saint, Mom is obviously important enough in Isaac’s mind to warrant a tale of her murderous intentions and multiple forms as the final boss on subsequent play through’s.

Jenova from Final Fantasy VII

The calamity from the skies and mother to Sephiroth, Jenova is an extraterrestrial being that travels from plant to planet, destroying all life and consuming energy from the planet itself only to do it all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat. She lingers on the planet for 2,000+ years, slowly infecting the population in order to eventually get a crack at the planet’s gooey center. Though she isn’t much of a maternal figure let alone a good mother all around, Sephiroth is still obsessed with her and determined to carry out her will.

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