Best weapons used in video games

A good video game must have a worthwhile playable character and an equally valuable villain. And a great video game  becomes even more so a great video-game series; it must have a remarkable weapon. Anyone can use a gun, laser or sword to fight their way through levels and bosses, but some tools of destruction stand out from the rest.

These are some of the top weapons that are seen in the gaming world.

Fireball from Super Mario Bros.

The fireball has been Mario’s main tool since Super Mario Bros. While the red turtle shell was powerful when used to barrel down rows of enemies, the fireball allowed players to blast enemies both up close and far away. Though the later versions of Mario would include freeze blasts and invulnerability, it is the fireball that stays a major weapon for the plumber’s adventures.

Magnum from Resident Evil

The powerful handgun was a lifesaver in the first Resident Evil with its powerful shot and mighty recoil. With one shot, zombie heads exploded, spider guts rained and mutant dogs went flying. While the gun’s novelty status wore off with later versions of the Raccoon City-based video games, it remains a memorable weapon and giving to you is a classic moment in gaming.

Soul edge from Soul Calibur

Soul Edge is currently the weapon of choice for Nightmare and makes the once-noble knight Siegfried a demonic weapons master. The Soul Edge has withstood ancient axe, goddess sword and even light sabers to remain on top as the weapon to earn in the world of Soul Calibur.

Spread gun from Contra

The Spread Gun filled the sky with hot lead or laser balls depending on your preference, and somersaulted foot soldiers and riddled enemy tanks into smoldering husks. While some would argue that the laser or the flamethrower were better choices, no one can dispute the benefits of the Spread Gun in gaining power-ups.

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