Best selling video games ever

Video games has been popular among the children and teenage population for a long time. The industry has grown in huge proportions since the time of its beginning. In the video gaming market, there are many professional video gamers who are dedicated consumers of the different game products along with many occasional buyers and amateur players who are trying out different video games.

These is the list of the most top-selling video games of all times.

Grand Theft Auto V

This game offers so many possibilities that the user will have a hard time getting bored. Whether you want to drive around, shoot at random civilians, fly a plane or simply take on the various missions, GTA V’s fictionalized city of Los Santos is huge. Along with racing, the game consists of many other adventures.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The first-person shooter not only has great graphics, but a very complex game-play which has made it very popular amongst teenagers and adults alike. This is the most popular of the shooter genre video games in the market which is available in the top gaming consoles and works as a standard game in this industry.


The Tetris franchise is so popular in fact, that an epic science fiction movie based on the franchise is in the works, despite the obvious lack of actual material in the game for such a film. This simple game, which was released long back and everyone from children to older folks enjoy spending hours playing Tetris.

Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros meaning the original version was so successful that it remains one of the best-selling games of all time, in spite of the release of the newer and advanced versions. This game is so much fun that even seasoned players enjoy plugging in their old console and going on adventures with this Italian plumber.

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