Best dad characters in video games

For the gaming families, the fathers leads in proving to become an example for everyone. gaming has seen its fair share of fathers who have been lauded for being responsible and also respected. They are alsmost certainly representative of fatherhood in gaming and can be listed as the best father figures that can influence society in the best way.

These are some of the top fathers to have appeared in video games.

Mike Haggar from Final Fight

Mike Haggar is an American baseball-playing bald eagle eating apple pie. He is a mountain of a man, a former professional wrestler, and even working as mayor. He has a daughter named Jessica who is kidnapped by the devious Mad Gear gang, so Haggar does what any good father would do and that is, he goes on a punching, stabbing, pile-driving rampage across Metro City to rescue his daughter.

Michael De Santa from Grand Theft Auto

He goes through a lot of trouble as goingt through to escape his dangerous life of crime and his life with his dysfunctional family is far from ideal. However, over the course of time, Michael rebuilds his relationship with his kids, bonding with them over insane boat heists and saving them from stalkers.

Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain

Ethan Mars’ experience as a parent is a worst nightmare as his son is lost in the mall, and he may be in danger of being murdered by the notorious Origami Killer. Despite this thriller plot, players still get to experience some more traditional, low-key dad activities, such as playing with Ethan’s kids and even making them supper.

Barry Burton from Resivent Evil

His motives are entirely driven by his love of his family, but with Barry stuck in a zombie-infested mansion, we were only able to see his dad jokes in action against his fellow S.T.A.R.S. colleagues. He is joined by his estranged daughter, Moira and as it turns out, nothing brings a daughter and father together like trying to survive on an island full of blood-thirsty creatures.

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