Best antivirus for gamers to use

Any gamer knows that bad anti-virus software is the bane of online play. It can create lag, freeze screens and crash systems. The repercussions are so bad that some hardcore gamers simply go without any security protection, opening their computers up to more attacks than those from the digital characters served up by their games. The best security software can run smoothly and quietly without disturbing game play using these tools.

Autopilot Mode

When you are in the middle of a nail-biting battle, a cliff-hanger cut scene or a critical junction in you digital puzzle, the last thing you want to do is minimize the screen and clean out an infected file. That’s why an Autopilot Mode is so important to a gamer.

Autopilot will run computer scans and clean up any infected items automatically, meaning you won’t be bothered with doing it manually. This service makes your computer safer too because threats are taken care of right away, not just whenever you get around to it.

All that Autopilot requires you to do is pick a day and time for the software to install updates and run scans. Then, you select the Autopilot feature and you’re good to go. Your security software will keep a vigilant watch while you play your favorite games.

Self-Defense Mode

Gamers are well aquatinted with the idea of self-defense, so the need for a Self-Defense Mode probably won’t come as a surprise. Self-Defense Mode gives security software the ability to protect itself from outside forces like hackers. Hackers won’t be able to turn off or destroy your protection software to leave your computer vulnerable.


Lag is possibly the most hated word in a gamer’s vocabulary. One of the biggest culprits of lag is CPU-draining security software. Fortunately, not every anti-virus application creates lag. In fact, the best software uses very little PC processing power. This is good news for those who like to play games that need as much processing power as possible, like MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games).

Gamer Mode

Gamer Mode is like the Holy Grail of security-software tools. Switching on this mode before opening your favorite game will keep your security software running quietly in the background. You won’t be interrupted by downloads, scans, alerts or updates. Quiet usage means less lag and fewer crashes too.

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